Knitting Toetsies

On 31. August 2017 by Claudia

Or Sockettes. Or Socklettes.

This is the English version of my previous German post about my little socks I want to fit into my flats. I tried several (free) patterns available in ravelry, but none fit my expectations, so I imprivised. I tried to write it down to share with you.

It is recommended you have already knit a sock or two and know what I am talking about, as this is not necessarily a pattern, just a recipe.

I knit a toe-up sock with 66 sts for my EU 40/41 sized feet. And I used a 2.75mm needle instead of a 2.5mm which I usually do. But my gauge was not awfully different as I am a tight knitter. Please take into consideration what you usually do when knitting a sock.

With Judy’s Magic Cast On cast on 9/9 sts on your two needles. Knit one row.

Inc row: K1, kfb, k to 2sts before end of needle, kfb, K1. Do the same for the second needle.

K all sts.

Repeat those two rows until you have 33/33 sts.

Of your flats are less than 5.5cm from the tip of your big toe to the edge of your shoe on top, skip the following short row section.

Short rows:

Needle 1: k15, w&t

p15, p all sts on N2, p15 on N1, w&t

K until 14 sts on N1, w&t

P until 14 sts on N1, w&t

K until 13 sts on N1, w&t

P until 13 sts on N1, w&t

Now knit all sts and pick up wraps and ktog with the wrapped st all over N1. K N2.

Put the sts on N1 in hold. Knit the sole sts in Stockinette Stitch for 40 rows or until you are 5cm before your heel.

Knit a short row/ boomerang heel.

Pick Up and k 36 sts on the side of the sole, put the sts from hold back on a needle and k them. PU and k 36 sts on the other side.

Now you already bind off. I used the same needle size to get a snug fitting of my toetsies.

BO the heel sts. The next 6 sts are BO with decreases. K2tog and slip the bound off st over the dec st. Repeat this twice. BO until 4 sts of your side remain, dec and BO twice. BO the top sts. Dec and BO twice in the other side, BO until 6sts of your side needle remain, dec and BO three times.

Cut yarn, weave in and knit the second toetsy.

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  • Liebe Claudia,
    so was suche ich schon wie verrückt.
    Ich möchte so oder ähnlich ein Futter für meine Crocs machen.
    Wo finde ich denn das gleiche in deutsch?
    Bitte schicke mir doch einmal den Link.

    Dank Dir! LG, Quynh-Dao

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